“Switched On – Embracing the Science of Nutrigenomic Medicine”

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What if you could…

  • Maintain excellent health, day after day, even as you get older?
  • Take back control of your health and avoid the common ‘diseases of civilisation’?
  • Have little (if any) reliance on pharmaceuticals or surgery to become and stay well?

Chronic Disease is largely preventable, so why don’t health authorities focus on strategies for promoting disease PREVENTION? Why are pharmaceutical drugs and surgery the primary treatments offered in the treatment and prevention of disease? Why is it left to individuals to discover how to do this for themselves?


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The major chronic diseases responsible for the untold suffering in populations worldwide include heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and cancer. These diseases are killing us whilst at the same time, crippling the governments obliged to fund the growing imposition on their health budgets.

Over the last three decades, Type 2 diabetes has emerged as one of the most preventable but common diseases engulfing us. Both rich and poorer nations have succumbed to it equally. Diabetes is already a major cause of death and disability, a trend which shows no signs of abating unless individuals take control of their own health and reduce their reliance on mainstream medicine.

Just as much of the burden of chronic disease is largely preventable, so too are the day-to-day ailments like colds and ‘flus, aches and pains and digestive upsets which drive us to pharmacies and doctors in search of rapid relief.

This book explores the ground-breaking world of NUTRIGENOMICS, a new paradigm in health care which identifies powerful food-derived compounds capable of ‘switching on’ or ‘switching off’ the DNA in our cells’ genes. Learn how to utilise the most powerful known Nutrigenomic compounds responsible for protecting your cells and optimising their function. The result? Enhanced well-being, healthier ageing and much less need for drugs and surgery!


Dr Christine Houghton

PhD, BSc., R.Nutr. (Nutritional Biochemistry – Nutrigenomics)

With over 30 years’ experience as a private-practice Clinician in Nutritional Medicine, Christine is now a Research Biochemist investigating Bioactive plant compounds with significant Clinical Potential. Her particular interest is focused on Nutrigenomics, a strategy for identifying natural compounds capable of upregulating the genes that cells use to prevent disease-promoting processes. The Nutrigenomics concept elevates the importance of what we eat to a higher level and heralds a new paradigm in health care.  Her PhD thesis focused on sulforaphane, a bioactive broccoli sprout-derived molecule with potent nutrigenomic activity.