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EnduraCell Powder

EnduraCell® is Cell-Logic’s flagship 100% broccoli sprout ingredient, optimized for its phytonutrient yield. EnduraCell® has nothing added and nothing but water removed and is completely free of excipients.

Cell-Logic Enduracell 80gms

DefenCELL® is the most comprehensive and advanced nutrigenomically-active supplement available. Containing both EnduraCell® and GliSODin® as well as host of other cytoprotective micronutrients, DefenCELL® is an ideal daily supplement. Think of DefenCELL® as a ‘Nutrigenomic Multi-Nutrient Formulation’

Cell-Logic DefenCell 120 capsules


CardiOs is a unique formulation designed to address key functions in cardiovascular health, bone health, stress management and cognition.

Cell-Logic CardiOs 60 capsules

Cell-Logic - the Company

As Nutritional Medicine has evolved over the last few decades, 21st century science has driven the emergence of its sub-discipline, Nutrigenomics. 

Cell-Logic is acknowledged as a global leader in this field, translating the complex science of Nutrigenomics into evidence-based clinical strategies that target upstream cellular processes. The key concepts that underpin our philosophy and formulations can be viewed here.

Formulations based on Nutrigenomic Science

Our specialty lies in providing Clinician Education programs together with two separate ranges of nutrigenomically-active formulations, under the Cell-Logic consumer label and the Clinician-Only Integra Nutritionals label.  

At the core of our own scientific research is EnduraCell®, our 100% whole broccoli sprout ingredient which yields clinically-relevant levels of sulforaphane, a potent nutrigenomically-active molecule.  EnduraCell® proudly claims to be the world’s highest sulforaphane-yielding 100% whole broccoli sprout ingredient.