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EnduraCell Powder

EnduraCell® is Cell-Logic’s flagship 100% broccoli sprout ingredient, optimized for its phytonutrient yield. EnduraCell® has nothing added and nothing but water removed and is completely free of excipients.

Cell-Logic Enduracell 80gms

DefenCELL® is the most comprehensive and advanced nutrigenomically-active supplement available. Containing both EnduraCell® and GliSODin® as well as host of other cytoprotective micronutrients, DefenCELL® is an ideal daily supplement. Think of DefenCELL® as a ‘Nutrigenomic Multi-Nutrient Formulation’

Cell-Logic DefenCell 120 capsules


CardiOs is a unique formulation designed to address key functions in cardiovascular health, bone health, stress management and cognition.

Cell-Logic CardiOs 60 capsules