Doctors Supplement Store

Rest easy and take advantage of the best way to sell supplements! Doctors Supplement Store creates a free, personalized web store for you so your patients can go online or call toll-free and purchase the supplement brands you recommend. We do all the work and send you a monthly check. We offer Cell-Logic and over 300 high quality supplement brands.

Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale accounts are available to qualified healthcare professionals.

You may also contact us Toll Free at 1-855-336-4730 or by emailing Customer Service to request an application.

Once we receive your signed and completed application, we will setup your wholesale account within two business days, and you may begin purchasing product.


Learn More

Cell-Logic-USA is working closely with Dr Christine Houghton, PhD.,BSc.,R.Nutr. She is the Managing Director & Chief Scientific Officer for Cell-Logic Pty Ltd, the Australian company bringing this science to North America. We offer many ways for you to learn more and bring the power of Nutrigenomics to your patients.

Christine conducts informative webinars on a regular basis giving you the opportunity to learn more and ask questions in a personal interactive environment.

For clinicians to quickly familiarize themselves with the nutrigenomic principles that underpin the Cell-Logic and Integra Nutritionals ranges, our Australian Clinician Educators can provide one-on-one online training to clinicians have been approved to obtain the Integra Nutritionals ‘Clinician Only’ range.

Christine Houghton does not offer conference calls personally.  Our Clinician Educators are available to clinicians who have signed up to obtain the Integra Nutritionals ‘clinician only’ brand and/or have undertaken the G.E.M.M
Protocol Foundation Course.

There are Advanced Training opportunities in Australia that incorporate testing into the science behind Nutrigenomics.

Please contact Cell-Logic Australia to get more information about any of these educational options.