GliSODin® BioActive 60 Capsules

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GliSODin® provides a safe, effective strategy for enhancing natural defences against oxidative stress and inflammation, known to decline during illness or with ageing.



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Derived from a specially bred, high antioxidant strain of French Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo), GliSODin® boosts the body’s first line of defence against harmful free radicals. GliSODin®’s nutrigenomic property is uniquely conferred by the presences of this gliadin biopolymer. This gliadin protects GliSODin® from gastric degradation.

Made in Australia under license from Laboratories ISOCELL NUTRA; GliSODin® is the result of extensive and ongoing research by a group of French scientists dedicated to ageing research, especially as it relates to oxidative stress.

Only products bearing this GliSODin® logo may claim to be genuine GliSODin® products.


Clinical trial data shows that GliSODin® may:

  • Enhance natural defences against oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Help maintain healthy blood vessels and cardiovascular health

GliSODin® may also:

  • Modulate immune response and reduce allergic reactions
  • Support mitochondrial disorders and related fatigue


Each size ‘0’ capsule contains:

  • Cucumis melo juice powder: 3.325mg (Eqv. 3.325g fruit powder).
  • Each size ‘0’ capsule delivers 250 Units SOD activity. (GliSODin® clinical trials use dosages of 500 Units SOD activity).

NOTE: This product contains genuine trademarked GliSODin® as developed by Laboratories ISO-CELL NUTRA and is used as the bioactive material in a number of clinical trials. Quantity of active ingredient is expressed differently according to local regulatory requirements. GliSODin® does not contain palm oil and is GMO free. This product contains gluten as an essential nutrigenomic component.


Adults: Take one capsule twice daily, or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner. Best taken at least 15 minutes before or 2 hours after food.


Each capsule contains 8.3 mg gliadin (a component of gluten), equivalent to the gluten content of a tiny breadcrumb, which may not be suitable for those with Coeliac Disease.

Store below 30°C in a dry place.

May be refrigerated.


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