Canadian Orders

Canadian Shipping and Estimated Delivery Times

Shipping costs and times depend upon the method you choose.

We make every effort to ship orders on the first business day in which all ordered products are In Stock, though orders placed after 5:00 PM Central Standard Time may not be shipped until the following business day. Any order containing one or more products marked as “Available” will usually be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Canadian orders will not be split shipped. They will only ship once all items are In Stock.

First-Class International Shipping will be shipped via USPS First-Class International Mail.
* Direct with USPS
* 50% of Subtotal (without shipping) used for declared customs value
* Tracking inside the USA, possible tracking inside Canada
* Shipping rate based on weight of order
* Available on orders up to 4 lbs
* Delivery usually 7+ days

Priority International Shipping will be shipped via USPS International Priority Mail.
* Direct with USPS
* 50% of Subtotal (without shipping) used for declared customs value
* Tracking inside the USA, possible tracking inside Canada
* Shipping rate based on weight of order
* Available on orders up to 20 lbs
* Delivery usually 4-7 days

Express Interntational Shipping will be shipped via USPS International Express Mail.
* Direct with USPS
* 50% of Subtotal (without shipping) used for declared customs value
* Tracking inside the USA, possible tracking inside Canada
* Shipping rate based on weight of order
* Available on orders up to 20 lbs
* Delivery usually 2-4 days

Feel free to contact us to obtain an estimated ship date for your order.

Upon shipment you will receive a USPS Tracking Number via email.

Taxes & Charges:

Our shipping cost will include transit and brokerage fees only. In addition to this cost, you may be billed by your local customs for import taxes and duty. Cell-Logic-USA is not responsible for any taxes, duties, or customs fees applied to your order by Canada.

Declaration of Value:

Cell-Logic-USA will declare the full value of your product costs. All goods will be listed as “Health and Beauty – Personal Use” as this reduces the customs issues. 

We will not include a copy of your paid receipt inside of the package being shipped. To obtain a hard copy of your receipt, please print out a copy from your email confirmation or from the “Orders” screen within the “My Dashboard” section of the website.

Description of Merchandise:

The customs form will be affixed to the outside of your box. This will list the total quantity of items in the package along with a description of “Health and Beauty – Personal Use” It has been determined by our shipping partners that this will give your package the best chance of clearing customs without additional taxes, duties, or customs fees.

Delays, Loss & Customs Hold:

Because each country has different restrictions and procedures for products and packages, we encourage you to contact your local customs office for restrictions on specific items.

The shipping methods we offer carry a 98%+ delivery rate based on industry feedback. While this is great news for our Canadian customers, we will not offer refunds for packages lost or held in transit or customs.

For packages returned to us due to customs, refusal, or non-delivery issues, we will refund the full cost of the undamaged items minus any shipping costs we incur for return shipping. In the case return shipping costs are greater than the order value, we will abandon the package and are unable to offer any refund.

We do request you give your Canadian order a full 6 weeks before contacting us.

For additional help, please email us [email protected].


Declaration of Value:

Cell-Logic-USA only ships to the United States and Canada. For other locations please visit the main website at Cell-Logic Australia.

What if I do not receive my package or it takes too long, can I just file with my credit card for a refund?

Our official policy is that we are unable to offer refunds for Canadian orders due to delay, loss, or customs hold. To protect our customers who value our ability to get products into Canada, any attempt to file a claim with your bank or credit card will put your account into a “Suspended” status. While we work to provide proof of shipment for your bank or credit card company, you will no longer be allowed to order from us. While this may seem stringent, we must do this to ensure our company continues to serve our long time customers who agree to our Canadian shipping policies and understand the risks and benefits associated with this service.

To have your account reinstated, you will need to contact us directly and request an account review. Any charges still outstanding will need to be paid for in addition to this review process.

What does the Canadian Shipping process look like?

Many customers want to know the specifics of how Canadian Shipping works. The below information details Canadian Shipping step by step:

  • Your package is carefully picked and packed at our Missouri warehouse.
  • Packages are picked up and scanned by a USPS Representative. Tracking Information is available at this point.
  • Your package begins its transit to Canada.
  • Packages arrive at customs in Canada and go through inspection. This step can cause significant delay based on how quickly your customs is currently operating.
  • Packages are passed in to the local Canadian postal system
  • Package is delivered to your address.

What if my package arrives and some or all of the items are damaged?

If your order contains damaged or is missing items, please email [email protected] immediately. We will need proof of the damage which can be given with a photo of: the items in the order, the invoice, and the packaging you received this in. For damaged products, we may issue a store credit for you. For missing products, we will reivew your order and determine if the issue was our fault or the item was confiscated by customs. Our company is not responsible for items that are confiscated during transit and cannot issue credit for this. Because we take extra care in packaging, there are very few orders with damaged items. Currently, less than 1% of all orders have any issues.

What if my package is returned by me or the shipping carrier for any reason, how will I know when it is received and will I be refunded?

If your package is returned to us for any reason, we will follow our return process based on when the order was shipped and you will receive status notifications by email.

0 – 30 Days: For orders returned to us within 30 days of when the order was shipped, we can issue a refund to your payment method used. There is no restocking fee. You will receive an email automatically when this happens.

30 – 60 Days: For orders returned to us between 30 and 60 days of when the order was shipped, we may issue an In Store credit, to be used on a future order, at the discretion of our Customer Service Department. There are many factors that go into determining whether we can issue a credit such as type of product, condition of product, and length of time.

60 or More Days: After 60 days of when the order was shipped, we cannot issue a refund or credit to your account. Because freshness and product integrity is important, products returned after this time will be discarded and you will not receive an email stating the order was received as it will not go through our normal returns process.

I have not received my package yet, what can I do?

When we ship an order to Canada, we are at the mercy of the Canadian postal system and customs as to how quickly it is delivered to you. When we received your order, we began working quickly to get it shipped out right away. Once it arrives in Canada, it can clear the customs process quickly or may take as many as 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your customs office is. This part of the shipping process is out of both our hands and yours. We would appreciate your patience in letting this package have ample time to be delivered. Additionally, many customers say they can get their package should a delay occur by taking the tracking number to the customs or postal office directly. We encourage you to contact your local customs office for restrictions on specific items which could be causing the delay on your order. If your package is refused by your customs and comes back to our company, we will refund you the full amount less any shipping costs we incur.

What will my package look like?

Your product will be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail box or a plain, blank cardboard box atour discretion. It will not have any logos on the outside or any indication of what the items are inside the package. We aim to make the boxes as plain as possible to avoid customs opening the package up and assessing tax or duty.