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Cell-Logic, EnduraCell, Powder, 80 grams

Cell-Logic, EnduraCell, Powder, 80 grams
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Customer Reviews

from Denver, CO
I went looking for the powder Dr. Mercola sells in capsules without the markup, and I believe this is it. It's a good value and easy to take. It's a nice insurance policy that gives me peace of mind that I'm getting a healthy dietary component without worrying whether my cooking methods, freshness, etc. of my cruciferous veggies is making them inadequate. It's much easier than sprouting seeds on my own. I like that it's not an extract and that it's tested for efficacy. 5 stars!


Used to Help Rebuild Immune System
from Surrey, BC Canada
I bought the Endura Cell powder as part of my self-healing program in my battle against breast cancer. I first read about the product in Dr. V's book on Healing Cancer Naturally and thought it might help to rebuild my immune system and nourish my body so my internal cancer-fighters would have a better chance! It is easy to take and I mix it with some low sodium veggie juice. I believe it has added to my overall well being. Thanks!

Cell-Logic-USA Response:

Thank you so much for your review! We are happy to hear the EnduraCell Powder is having such good results. We wish you the best going forward!


Our biggest WOW supplement
Angie L
from Indiana
My son has a chromosome disorder and ASD diagnosis. Once we started using Enduracell we began seeing consistent gains. He began becoming more verbal and more present and interactive overall. This will remain a staple in his daily supplement regimen.

Cell-Logic-USA Response:

Awesome, thank you so much for your sharing your story!


Affordable Autism Anxiety Buster!
from Indiana
My daughter has IDIC 15q with autism, hypotonia, and absences which are thought to be part of the seizure disorder that commonly accompanies IDIC 15q. The autism is just a part of the chromosome duplication she has- it couldn't be more obviously a genetic form of autism. However, we've benefitted from this biomedical supplement tremendously. I can't believe it's just natural broccoli supporting her function so well. Before Enduracell, we were paying six times as much for the same effects as we have gained with 700 mg Enduracell a day (she's 40 lbs)...She's more tolerant of diaper discomfort, less likely to engage in digging. She doesn't scream in frustration as much, and is much more attentive of people in her environment. There are many components we will have to work on to bring her to a typical function with her chromosome duplication, but this is a HUGE step in the right direction for us.

Cell-Logic-USA Response:

Thank you so much for your sharing your review! We are absolutely delighted your daughter is experiencing such positive and dramatic results.


Amazing for our 4-year-old on the spectrum
D Hyman
from Los Angeles, CA
Since our child experiences the "fever effect" (more neurotypical behavior when she has a fever) and because it is a whole food dietary supplement, we decided to try this supplement after reading the Johns Hopkins sulfurophane study and hearing about it from another autism family. Within a short time frame the first few weeks -- we were amazed at the improvements in eye contact, social engagement, and initiation. We did not tell the treatment team and the data support the improvements at school. We've recommended it to other parents and caregivers. The only caveat is that it would be great to have guidance of how much of this supplement to give by body weight.

Cell-Logic-USA Response:
Thank you for your review! We are delighted you are seeing such positive results with your daughter using EnduraCell Powder. Please note, there is a dosage guide available under the Autism section of the website or by clicking Dosing, Diet, and How to get started with EnduraCell


DefenCell and EnduraCell
After one week I think DefenCell is already helping to reduce inflammation in my fingers, hips, and knees. I also take an afternoon dose of EnduraCell Powder. I have less pain, and am hoping that it will soon help to reduce the stiffness in my fingers. My research led me to this product as being the most affordable and effective sulforaphane inducing product. Sulforaphane causes many genes to express themselves in a youthful healthy manner, and it helps with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis much more.

Cell-Logic-USA Response:

What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing!


Pretty Good!
from MN
This is pretty good... We never got the WOW factor that we were hoping for, but at first we thought our son's speech increased, but his hyperactivity also did as well.
Who knows???


Enduracell powder
from Laurel MD
My 7yr old son has Autism.I heard about the product from a group member who lives in Australia. He raved about it, i wasnt sure but i decided to give it a trial anyway. I am so happy i did. Since my son started on the product, his social interrraction has mproved and he is staying longer on tasks. Homeworks are getting easier to do because he is sitting longer than before.He is calmer. We are currently on one scoop in the AM per day, i increased to 2 spoons it wasnt well tolerated so i backed down. We are almost done with the container, i have placed an order for the third one. This product is a keeper. I recommend it constantly to my friends that have kids in the spectrum.


Mild Miracle for our son with autism
from Fallbrook, CA
Based on some of the latest research, we looked for broccoli sprouts in the event it could help our son. We found Enduracell to fit the bill in all categories.
We started at a quarter dose once daily and after about 10 days we were up to full dose at 2 scoops per day, one in the am and one in the pm. We did not tell his teachers or therapists. We are at the 3 month mark and his progress continues. He is calmer, able to self regulate most of the time, speaking expressively without prompts, IE originating ideas and speaking it forth. Data collected at school shows a decrease of unwanted behaviors by substantial percentages to where all recorded categories are under any level of significance. At his therapeutic horseback riding, he executed tasks easily - things they had worked on for a year all the sudden just happened all at once. He's greeting people without prompts, answering questions, commenting. My advice is to start low and slow - low dose to start and work your way up to appropriate levels. The above is very clinical so i want to include he has gotten to be so much fun! Less struggling on his part and his own personality is really coming through. Of the couple hundred thousand dollars we have spent on his treatments this one is in the top 3 in results.

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