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Cell-Logic, EnduraCell Plus, 60 Capsules

Cell-Logic, EnduraCell Plus, 60 Capsules
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For our daughter
from Michigan
Our daughter has been taking Cell-Logic EnduraCell Plus for 2 months now and we can see a change in her behavior with focusing on school work. We will be reordering our 60 day supply today!


Good for the entire family
T Bella
from Dallas, TX
We are using our first bottle of Enduracell Plus and will be ordering more. After receiving an emailed article from a journal, I like the idea of being able to consume a strong, natural phtochemical that will help fight oxidative stress and help maintain our health. My teenage son, who has immune issues, seems to be doing very well on it, too. I especially like all of the information on the website explaining the importance of sulforaphane and why the Cell-Logic product is unique.


I really like this product
from PEI
I ordered this supplement after listening to one of the scientists interviewed on "What Women Must Know" program. The science behind sulforaphane is fascinating and having the opportunity to hear this woman talk about it on the podcast was extremely interesting. I really like this nutraceutical and will be ordering again. The only complaint I have it that when I went to order again, they were out of stock.

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