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Cell-Logic, BroccoCell, Powder, 120 grams

Cell-Logic, BroccoCell, Powder, 120 grams
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100% Whole Nutraceutical Grade Broccoli Sprout Powder
• A highly-concentrated source of broccoli phytonutrients
• Broccoli Sprouts deliver 20-50 times more phytonutrients than the mature broccoli vegetable

When produced according to Cell-Logic's specialized proprietary technology, Broccoli Spouts are a highly-concentrated source of broccoli phytonutrients. BroccoCell® is a 100% Whole The benefits of broccoli phytonutrients are well-known, with the broccoli sprout delivering 20-50 times more of these beneficial phytonutrients than does the broccoli vegetable.

Cell-Logic's 100% whole broccoli sprouts are a highly-concentrated source of these phytonutrients, particularly of sulforaphane. In producing BroccoCell, absolutely nothing is added and nothing but water is removed.

Cell-Logic's unique hydroganic soil-free process enables BroccoCell to retain the essential GLUCORAPHANIN precursor compound as well as the MYROSINASE enzyme, both of which are necessary for SULFORAPHANE to be produced when consumed.

BroccoCell broccoli sprouts are naturally myrosinase-active. BroccoCell is NOT derived from milled seed; nor is this 100% whole broccoli sprout product an 'extract'.

Every batch of BroccoCell is laboratory tested to ensure the sulforaphane yield is such that just 1.5 grams, once or twice daily can deliver quantities of these phytonutrients shown in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to be beneficial.

BroccoCell is completely additive-free, containing no herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals of any kind.

Recommended Usage
One rounded scoop (included) or 1.5 g stirred into water, juice or sprinkled onto food, once or twice daily. Ensure scoop is dry. Consume immediately to retain bioactivity.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1.5 g
Servings Per Container: 80

Amount Per Serving:
100% Nutraceutical Grade Broccoli Sprout Powder
Energy 26.30 kj
Protein 0.51 g
Fat - total 0.32 g
  saturated 0.02
Available carbohydrate 0.18 g
Fiber - dietary 0.36 g
Sugars 0.05 g
Sodium 1.43 mg

Cell-Logic BroccoCell® is hydroganically grown in a carefully controlled environment to maximize bioactivity. Our hydroganic growing process does not use any herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. All our broccoli sprouts are grown from non-GMO seed.

Store below 86F (30C) away from light and moisture. Consume immediately on mixing with liquids to retain bioactivity. As a natural plant product, the appearance of this product can vary from batch to batch. Each batch of BroccoCell has a laboratory-assured consistency of bioactive compounds irrespective of appearance.

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