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Back Order Information

From time to time, Cell-Logic products become backordered out of Australia. Cell-Logic will not sacrifice their standards and if, for example, a batch does not pass quality control testing or a key ingredient cannot be reliably sourced it may cause unexpected delays in product availability. Often Cell-Logic-USA insulates you from such outages because our inventory outlasts the outage. Occasionally, however, a protracted outage may occur such that we must also put the product on backorder. In such cases, we will provide the best availability date we can obtain from Cell-Logic HQ in Australia, if any, but please understand that there are many factors outside our control and even the Cell-Logic’s own estimated availability date may change.

We apologize for any inconvenience backordered products may cause. We also recommend clicking your browser’s back button and then clicking the link labeled “Request Email Notification” so that you will be notified immediately when the product becomes available.