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In Search of Sulforaphane

Christine Houghton, Senior Clinician & Chief Scientific Officer, Cell-Logic Pty Ltd

What makes EnduraCell different?

EnduraCell is a 100% whole broccoli sprout powder which retains its precursor compound, Glucoraphanin (GRN) and the active Myrosinase enzyme (MYR) needed to produce the active compound, Sulforaphane (SFN). When one swallows the EnduraCell capsule, the vegetable capsule soon dissolves and the powder becomes moist in the environment of the digestive tract. This moisture starts the enzyme reaction which converts the glucoraphanin to sulforaphane. Stirring the powder into a glass of water has the same effect.

This reaction can only happen when the myrosinase enzyme is present. Because the precursor and the enzyme are kept separated from each other in the plant cell, no chemical reaction takes place until water is present.

Cell-Logic’s unique EnduraCell-producing technology in enables us to retain both the GRN and the MYR whilst at the same time removing the inhibitor which exists in the fresh sprouts; his inhibitor reduces the amount of SFN produced. By having a thorough understanding of the plant’s physiology, our process optimises the yield of sulforaphane.

As such, no product contains sulforaphane – a quality 100% whole broccoli sprout can only YIELD sulforaphane.

Why do I see products claiming to contain sulforaphane?

When you see products labelled as if they contain ‘sulforaphane’, look more closely and you will probably see that such labels actually state that they contain‘ x mg of ‘sulforaphane glucosinolate’ or ‘SGS’. This is a marketing term created to have you think it means ‘sulforaphane’; it does not! Such products can also be identified by being labelled as ‘extracts’.

‘Extracts’ are not whole powders and in making the extract, the essential myrosinase enzyme is deactivated. This means that ‘extracts’ contain ONLY the GRN precursor and are therefore not capable of yielding any sulforaphane. Unfortunately these enzyme-inert products are found abundantly in the marketplace. Most broccoli-containing products in the U.S. are ‘extracts’, not whole powders and as a consequence, many consumers and clinicians alike are choosing a product which is not capable of producing the clinical benefits they expect. These products would be correctly labelled as containing ‘x mg of glucoraphanin’, not ‘x mg of sulforaphane glucosinolate’.

When challenged, the manufacturers may say that the colonic microflora (or intestinal bacteria) will convert the glucoraphanin to sulforaphane but they omit to mention that the effect is both minimal and unpredictable. No-one knows exactly which bacteria are responsible for a myrosinase-like activity and whether an individual may have any of these bacteria at all resident in the intestine.

More importantly, there is not a single published clinical trial showing a positive and meaningful benefit using the ‘extract’. The recently published PNAS study using broccoli sprouts to demonstrate quite impressive responses in individuals with autism combined an added source of myrosinase enzyme with the extract in order to produce sulforaphane. The combination used was described as being for experimental purposes and is not generally available. Cell-Logic has created a dose conversion chart to assist in providing an equivalent dose of EnduraCell to children with autistic spectrum disorder. This chart is available on request and confirms the feedback we already receive from clinicians using EnduraCell in ASD.