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Christine Houghton, Senior Clinician & Chief Scientific Officer, Cell-Logic Pty Ltd recently announced that "Independent assays confirm that EnduraCELL yields more Sulforaphane per gram and per dose than any other broccoli sprout ingredient available!"     These assays showed that EnduraCell yields around 3.5 times more SULFORAPHANE than the next highest broccoli sprout product.

YEARS OF PAINSTAKING RESEARCH HAVE PAID OFF! As the first company in Australia to produce a broccoli sprout powdered product, we at Cell-Logic have continued to research techniques of optimising the Sulforaphane Yield. Without adequate sulforaphane, a product cannot reach the dose threshold necessary for activation of gene expression.

Broccoli sprout production is an unexpectedly challenging process. Not only must we retain the sulforaphane precursor, glucoraphanin and the essential enzyme, myrosinase found in the fresh sprouts but we must simultaneously deactivate an enzyme inhibitor, epithiospecifier protein (ESP) and a large population of undesirable microbes which grow abundantly in a sprout-growing environment 1. This is no mean feat!

Over several years of dedicated research, we are proud to announce that EnduraCell leads the market in Sulforaphane Yield. As a science-based company, we assay at multiple steps during production of our 100% whole broccoli sprout powder - all the way from seed selection right through to the final powder and/or capsule.

1. 'EXTRACTS'. Most imported broccoli sprout supplements are 'extracts', not whole sprout products. If we were to do what is commonly done by some manufacturers, we would have to destroy the enzyme to produce an inert 'extract' containing only the precursor; these products are inert and cannot produce sulforaphane. These products claim to rely on the gut microflora for conversion to sulforaphane - this may account for only around 8% conversion in those with 'intact' microflora! Instead of being correctly labelled as containing glucoraphanin, these extracts are labelled as containing 'sulforaphane glucosinolate'. This is a marketing term, not a scientific term and clearly leads the reader to think the product contains sulforaphane. It does not!

2. HIDDEN FROM VIEW - gamma-irradiation. The microbial load of a powdered food product is not permitted by law to contain more than 10,000 cfu/gram (colony-forming units). The way manufacturers typically make their sprout products compliant is to gamma-irradiate their broccoli sprout powder. Surprisingly, even companies labelling their products as 'Organic' have been found to be irradiating their raw material. Cell-Logic has no need to apply any process to control microbial overgrowth in EnduraCell. Our thorough understanding of the sprout's physiology prevents microbial overgrowth from ever developing.

1. (Houghton CA et al: 2016) Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. Vol. 2016, Article ID 7857186.

Introducing a 100% Whole Myrosinase-Active Broccoli Sprout Product
    developed by the scientific team at Cell-Logic

Nutrigenomic science, the study of how our food interacts with our DNA, has identified glucosinolates as a rich source of sulforaphane. This acts to switch on long lasting antioxidants which neutralize free radicals in the body. Cell-Logic supplements are designed to deliver the highest level of bioactive sulforaphane to your body’s cells, helping reprogram your DNA for better health.

Make body cells function at their optimum by switching on a multitude of defense genes. One of sulforaphane’s most important functions is that it turns on a ‘switch’ within cells, activating its internal defense mechanisms which promotes optimal cell health.

A unique source of high potency, bioactive sulforaphane is now available. We're proud to offer a 100% whole broccoli sprout product like none other.

Developed by the scientific team at Cell-Logic, their proprietary process ensures that these supplements yield a standardized concentration of sulforaphane once ingested. Sulforaphane is the bioactive plant chemical for which the broccoli sprout is renowned. It is one of the most highly regarded health-promoting vegetables.

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